Setup SmileBack Integration for ConnectSMART SP

WhoSmileBack (SmileBack) Users
WhenSet up
WhereSmileBack Account Management / ConnectSMART console
Brief DescriptionSteps to set up integration between SmileBack and ConnectSMART
  1. Log into your CSP tenant using the follwing link: Please DO NOT use your tenant name as the subdomain.  

  2. Once at the tenant portal login page, enter your credentials along with your tenant name then proceed to login to your tenant.

  3. Navigate to the Content Stores option found under the Data tab

  4. Click the Packs button to the right of the screen then select the SmileBack pack. Once the pack is selected, click the Next button. 

  5. Once the SmileBack deployment has completed, you will see a 'Success' message. Please click the Next button.  

  6. Next, you will need to 'Authorize' the integration via SmileBack. Click the 'Authorize' button, log into SmileBack and click the button labeled 'Yes, authorize ConnectSMART'. 


  7. Back on the SmileBack configuration window in your CSP tenant, click the Validate button to ensure that Smileback has successfully been configured. Afterwards, click the Next button. 

  8. Ensure that both Tasks are selected and click the Next button.

  9. Click the Finish button on the deployment summary window and you're all done!